Nicolas Guibert de Bruet

Attorney at Law and Technology Consultant

Law Office of Nicolas Guibert de Bruet

Beyond The Legal Service

Legal Help Backed By
Technical Expertise.

You will receive knowledgeable legal help, based on true technical domain expertise. The legal service that I will deliver looks beyond your legal problem and may also result in technical advice that is the root of the issue at hand.

No Byzantine Advice
Without A Plan.

Your in-house counsel will not be given some complicated legal advice that they will then struggle to implement alone with your technical leaders. Your technical leaders can be engaged directly using language they understand and the level of analysis that they expect.

The Legal Practice.

My practice often revolves around advising technology-intensive businesses on how to start-up and operate. This is typically followed by a request for advice on how to innovate and protect intellectual property assets to keep the business going. After an initial consultation, I would handle both immediate matters or the development of more extensive overall strategies for your business.  Frequent follow-up helps keep your enterprise safe and profitable, even as laws continue to grapple with a morphing technology landscape.

The Technology Practice.

Technical consulting in the domain of information technology, electronics and software is often accompanied by legal advice that aims to avoid the pits and falls that face engineers and entrepreneurs. This can range from technical solutions for avoiding the perils of open source software, such as copyright infringement, to mapping out the regulatory implications of a design methodology for a safety-domain electronic control module equipping a people moving vehicle.

Which Service Do I Need?

The following list describes a few reasons why each service offered may be very important for your company's survival and your profits:

  • Intellectual Property - Securing the intellectual property of your business will ensure its long term survival.  Many companies that neglect to secure their intellectual property upon launch fail rather quickly, because their more established competitors are able to muscle into the same technical field.
  • Private Equity - To power your business in its early stages, private equity (PE) funding remains a useful financial tool, when most financial institutions and venture capital firms will not even consider bankrolling your start-up venture.  The PE scene is also a good way to meet entrepreneurs that may end-up being valuable partners.
  • Privacy & Security - A growing number of extraterritorial and transnational laws from faraway and near lands regulate your company's data collection of customer information, yet you may not realize the extent of your company's liability until it is too late.
  • Corporations - Establishing your business entity's legal presence, running its governance, and promulgating its functional procedures requires a world of expertise that most technology entrepreneurs loathe to learn in depth.  If your business is properly set-up, it is much more likely to succeed.  Even if it does not, the business entity will offer a great deal of protection to your personal assets.
  • Transnational Deals - International business transactions and relationships invoke treaties, laws or regulations that are strange to most people.  Enforcement in international business is often more difficult, but lawyers and bankers have developed methods to overcome these hurdles.
  • Aviation - Aviation transactions trade large ticket items under specialized conditions.  Regulation by aviation authorities are often highly technical with little room for error considering the lives that are at stake.  The right guidance and advice will make all the difference to your business, so you are not left with an usable, large albatross in the hangar.

Summary of Services

Intellectual Property

Patent Portfolio Management
Trade Secrets
Licensing Agreements & Cross-licensing ADR

Private Equity 

Securities & Exchange Commission Filings
Private Placement Memoranda
Subscription Agreements
Blue Sky Law Compliance

Privacy & Security

Privacy Due Diligence & Compliance
CyberSecurity Risk Management
CyberSecurity Incident Response


Entity Formation & Statutory Filings
Outsourced or Outside General Counsel
Business Consulting & Technology Evaluations
Start-up Specialist Service

Transnational Deals

Technology Transfers
Letters of Credit
Foreign Subsidiaries & Affiliates
Bills of Lading


Aircraft Transactions
Drone Law
FAA Regulations
FAA Homologation Services

Social Media