Nicolas Guibert de Bruet

Attorney at Law and Technology Consultant

Engineering leader, Businessman, Lawyer. Yes, you will get all three rolled into one.

Law Office of Nicolas Guibert de Bruet

Law & Technology = Profits For You!

As an attorney and seasoned engineering leader, I can help your business strategize and successfully navigate the technology maze. As a businessman, I understand the imperatives of the business world. I am here to help you minimize the impact of such demands on your venture's bottom line. More

Nicolas Guibert de Bruet

Advises technology-intensive businesses on how to start-up, operate, innovate and protect intellectual property assets to keep the business viable. He also concentrates on private equity funding, privacy law compliance, cybersecurity risk management, aviation law and transnational agreements. More

Do you have the Start-up Virus?

If you are experiencing symptoms of employment restlessness, solution day-dreaming, extreme innovative thinking and blindness to minor risk, then you may have the start-up bug that is spreading among entrepreneurs...  The Law Office has just what the Doctor ordered: a counselor-driven service that can guide you through the legal, business and technical pitfalls!

Summary of Services

Intellectual Property

Patent Portfolio Management
Trade Secrets
Licensing Agreements & Cross-licensing ADR

Private Equity 

Securities & Exchange Commission Filings
Private Placement Memoranda
Subscription Agreements
Blue Sky Law Compliance

Privacy & Security

Privacy Due Diligence & Compliance
CyberSecurity Risk Management
CyberSecurity Incident Response


Entity Formation & Statutory Filings
Outsourced or Outside General Counsel
Business Consulting & Technology Evaluations
Start-up Specialist Service

Transnational Deals

Technology Transfers
Letters of Credit
Foreign Subsidiaries & Affiliates
Bills of Lading


Aircraft Transactions
Drone Law
FAA Regulations
FAA Homologation Services

Social Media