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Near-laconic Style Per Curiam Increases Clarity And Access To Justice

Sunday, February 2, 2020, at 02:22.

Brevity offers value, as overloaded courts create a real access to justice issue that touches all. Long-winded court opinions represent a major cause for these untenable delays in case disposition:

Indeed, the backlog of cases in courts have created situtations where some opinions have become lengthy boilerplates that still require copious time to write, read and seldom get to the decision points in a hurry.
Most of all, these opinions take a highly trained legal mind to digest. How can litigants have confidence in a justice system, if litigants cannot understand decisions that concern them upon reading?

Solution: judges should write a Reavley-style per Curiam opinion, which is an anonymous, court-wide, ultra short, spartan opinion that everyone can grasp. Bryan Garner explains the details in the article below.

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